Compaction relief and aeration


Where relief from poor drainage, root break through layering, and grass root depth and density needs improving by using then Deep drill is the ultimate method to achieve this— recommended every few years to relieve more serious problems and then aeration through pedestrian spiking is used for more regularly getting air and nutrients into the ground in the years in between.


Deep drill taking place above


The superb benefit of Deep Drill is that even layered cricket tables can be drilled through to enable fantastic root depth through the layers—as evidenced by the photo below. The photo shows a core taken 4 months after the square was deep drilled and clearly shows the superb root depth of the grass on the square.

Pedestrian Aeration / spiking—Groundsman 460HD Aerator


For the years in between deep drilling or for clubs who are unable to afford the deep drill —then pedestrian aeration using the Groundsman 460HD Aerator to a 5 inch depth provides great benefits punching through the top 100mm which most people regard as the most important part of your profile.